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Magnum Plus

Condenser Fan Group (235E8) - FULL SET

Condenser Fan Group with Micro Channel Coil (298F3)

Evaporator Fan Group (235E9)

Refrigeration Components (Service Valves) (235E0)

USD 9,813.57Add to CartUSD 2,048.17Add to CartUSD 7,234.39Add to CartUSD 22,963.29Add to Cart

Refrigeration Components (WCC,Service Valves) (189B9)

Refrigeration Components w Micro Channel Coil (Service Valves) (298F2)

Water Cooled Condenser (154E13)

Compressor Group (Service Valves) (259C5)

USD 31,047.35Add to CartUSD 17,025.18Add to CartUSD 7,130.38Add to CartUSD 11,028.46Add to Cart

Electrical Components (235G1)

Control Box (mP-4000) (235G2)

Air Vent (AFAM + mP-4000) (189C4)

Control Box Door (mP-4000) (235G3)

USD 23,550.33Add to CartUSD 15,913.41Add to CartUSD 2,783.09Add to CartUSD 16,679.35Add to Cart

Defrost Drain (189C4)

Transformer Group (298F1)

Nameplates (180E6)

Download Cables (226E2)

USD 879.12Add to CartUSD 7,384.04Add to CartUSD 633.74Add to CartUSD 3,381.70Add to Cart

USDA Download Panel (235G4)

USDA Download Panel (247C9)

Condenser Components (235G5)

Evaporator Heater Group (259A4)

USD 597.73Add to CartUSD 920.69Add to CartUSD 7,199.47Add to CartUSD 2,211.80Add to Cart

Evaporator Panels (235G6)

Air Vent (247C7)

Air Vent(40ft Containers) (191B6)

USD 2,527.23Add to CartUSD 2,754.61Add to CartUSD 2,213.23Add to Cart 

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